Dionne Multi Stripe Scarf

30Stripe scarf design is another classic pattern that compliment almost any outfit adding a stylish look everywhere you go. Stripe scarves come with a variety of different fabrics which accordingly can be used in all seasons. Bright colored lightweight, cotton striped scarves are great for summer and spring seasons. On the other hand cashmere and wool stripe scarves are perfect for winter and fall seasons. These versatile scarves feel comfortable and instantly change your looks making a fashionable statement.



Ginger Skull Print Scarf

29The fashionistas these days are discovering new trends in the scarfs according to different seasons. The latest trend seems to have struck the floral and striped scarves. These scarves are lively, vibrant and classy at the same time. Now you must be thinking where to get these ones? Well, Scarf Universe is here to help you in getting the finest range of scarves according to the latest trend. We have all the trendy scarves which seem to have rocked the fashion world throughout the globe. Each scarf piece is finely selected by our experts to ensure best quality but at least prices. We have everything that you would want to have in your closet and beautify your looks each time you step out



Celina Navajo Embellished Scarf

28Scarf makes an affordable and easy way to dress up your wardrobe. An elegant scarf makes you look more feminine. Even a basic scarf keeps you warm in the winter and look stylish at the same time.




Ariel Mohair with Flower Trim Scarf


Our collection of beige scarves is unique and exciting to wear. These gorgeous scarves will go with everything that is stylish in your closet. The animal print scarf in beige is a big hit amid all ladies which never goes out of fashion and is recommended by all style divas. The beige scarves are always preferred by people who are going for meeting as it looks simple and elegant.



Ann Stripe Fringed Scarf

26The multi colored scarves are bold, vibrant and beyond beautiful. From pretty prints to the bright color blocking; you cannot simply go wrong with our chirpy collection of multi colored scarves. No one could have imagined that draping a rainbow around neck was so easy. But, we made it possible with our vivacious rainbow colored scarves. These scarves are great gifts for your loved ones as these scarves are liked and loved by all the women around.


Mara Print Scarf

17White scarves are classy and bright and can be worn throughout the year. The light weight scarves can be worn anytime during the summers and the woolen scarves looks best during the winters. The ladies who like to be stylish and sophisticated opt for white scarves always as it makes them look poised and refined. These fashion scarves are available in many prints and designs to match your taste and style.



Jenny Embellished Infinity Scarf

16Accessorize your outfit with some versatile pieces that can add to your overall style and personality. One of such accessory is infinity scarf. Plain and printed infinity scarf can change your look with a simple well placed loop- two or three. At Scarf Universe you will find skull printed scarf rarely available any where else and it has endless looping circle that looks great and stylish. No tying, tucking or hiding of the infinity scarf edges. Just loop around the scarf couple of times and you are ready to go for any evening party.



Blanche Crochet Fringe Scarf


Those days are gone when scarves were used just to be safe from the cold weather. Now, scarves are used in all seasons, in all materials and at all places. Scarves being appropriate for everything can be worn for a casual weekend and even with office ready attire. All you need to decide is on the trend that is in and suits you the most.


Eva Floral Festivities Scarf


Whichever way you wear your floral scarf, tied, rolled, looped or folded the elegant look and the fashionable feeling of these beautiful scarves will just show itself off. Make the choice of your floral scarf from Scarf Universe’s vast collection.

These scarves with their vivid appealing colors and enchanting styles catch every woman’s heart at every age. That’s the main reason that they make great gifts as fashion accessories for almost all occasions. Floral scarves are among the trendy scarves selection since they always add a feminine look to almost any outfit. A stripped dress would make a perfect match with a floral scarf for a great summer look.


Lily Polka Dots with Trim Scarf

8Polka dot scarves are exceptionally one of the best fashion accessories that add up to your look. Women are good at creating their signature accessories to reflect their personality and lifestyle. And no doubt that a beautiful scarf always makes us feel good, confident and graceful. Polka dot scarves are traditional print scarves that can turn to a retro look depending on the colors and outfits you pair them with.